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Title IX cases can bring life-changing criminal and civil consequences. We've successfully defended expelled students, terminated employees, and more.

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No allegations should ruin your academic or professional career. Even if you've already faced consequences, we'll find a path forward.

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Harrison & Hart has represented me in four lawsuits, during which I have continued to be impressed by their intelligence, knowledge of the law and professional integrity. They are creative and shrewd, but honest and forthright. I would confidently take them into any legal battle I faced.

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Time is of the essence when dealing with Title IX cases. That's why our firm is committed to responsive, clear communication and relentless pursuit of the best possible outcomes for our clients. Each case is different, and we deliver personalized attention to address the criminal, civil, and social consequences a Title IX allegation can bring. Our diverse knowledge gives us the advantage we need to generate creative solutions, no matter the circumstances. Anyone accused of a Title IX violation has the right to due process. The attorneys of Harrison & Hart, LLC will hear your story and get to work immediately representing your best interests.

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