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Complex Cases Require Undisputed Knowledge & Powerful Actions

Our Albuquerque attorneys have the experience to take on the most difficult cases. When it seems like the world is out to get you, Harrison & Hart, LLC is by your side.

When You’re In Too Deep

Handling the most difficult cases when no one else can.

What sets us apart? Our ability to successfully take on the heaviest cases when other firms won’t or can’t. We are the outside counsel other Albuquerque law firms seek to take on the complex matters that require in-depth legal knowledge and unprecedented experience.

We Are Here When the Odds Are Against You

Any legal matter can be scary, but there are situations where the other side seems to have all of the power on their side. Cases of police brutality, employment discrimination, and particularly complicated criminal issues can seem impossible. The people against you may even seem to have the law on their side. That’s where Harrison & Hart comes in. We are not scared to take on large companies.

We have faced authority figures. And, we can put together a strong defense strategy in the toughest of criminal cases.

Results & Experience That Achieve Success

We dedicate our practice to achieving the best results for our clients, no matter the situation. We know how to negotiate with prosecutors and other attorneys to reach a resolution that will meet your needs.


Murder Charges

Our client was charged with murder, child abuse resulting in death, and several other counts. Attorney Nicholas Hart was part of a trial team where he worked with the expert witnesses and managed the motions practice for the defense. That work led to several counts being dismissed immediately prior to trial, the withdrawal of government expert witnesses, and then a favorable plea for the client during jury selection.

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Accessible & Ready to Serve You

With respect and compassion, we will offer you a premier legal experience.

When you contact us, you will work directly with an attorney. Any time you want an update, you can speak with your lawyer. We are here to serve you. We know the legal process is stressful, and we can handle it for you. When you hire a private law firm like Harrison & Hart, LLC, you get lawyers who will dedicate enough time and resources to your case.

Carter B Harrison IV

Attorney & Partner

Nicholas T Hart

Attorney & Partner

We Are Ready for Your Case

Diverse practice areas for your legal needs.

Harrison & Hart, LLC is a law firm that isn’t afraid of complex cases. In fact, the more difficult, the better. We are ready to handle serious cases that will impact the rest of your life.


Taking Care of the Legal Process in New Mexico

You only need to know the basics. We handle the rest.

The legal system is complex. It involves knowing how to format legal documents to meet court requirements and meeting strict deadlines. When you work with Harrison & Hart, LLC, we will give you an overview of what needs to be done, but we will take the steps. We will also keep you updated at every step.

Do I Need to Go to Court?

You may need to attend at least one hearing, but it’s most likely that your attorney can go on your behalf. It’s our goal to take the stress off your plate. That includes the time investment that many other lawyers might require of you.

The Right Firm For Your Case

We’re ready to help you get your life back on track.

From our office in Albuquerque, Harrison & Hart, LLC serves clients throughout New Mexico. We are focused on getting you the best outcome possible in the harshest of situations.

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