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5 Signs You Could Be Under Federal Investigation

Criminal Defense

Many federal agencies are authorized to carry out investigations. If you think you may be under federal investigation, you should contact a federal defense attorney immediately. Those agencies will collect evidence against you, and you need someone on your side […]

Street Crime vs. White-Collar Crime

Criminal Defense

You might think all crime is the same – involving guns, gangs, and violence. However, crime commonly depicted in media is usually what is called “street crime” or “blue collar crime.” There is another type of crime called “white-collar crime.” […]

How Do I Get Out of a Subpoena?

Criminal Defense

If you’ve been served a subpoena to testify in court, there are many reasons you might want to avoid it. Testifying in state or federal court does present risks, and you should avoid the chance of adverse consequences if possible. […]

Mass Tort vs. Class Action


You may be familiar with significant cases that involve hundreds or thousands of people against large companies that result in million-dollar settlements. These cases are often class action claims made by people with similar injuries. However, another type of claim […]

Can Federal Convictions Be Expunged?


You may have made a mistake in your past that resulted in a federal conviction. You might wonder if you can get that crime expunged from your criminal record. However, unlike many state offenses, very few federal convictions get expunged. […]

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