Attorney Carter B. Harrison IV

Using an analytical mind and creativity to handle the hardest cases.

Instead of taking on as many cases as possible, attorney Carter Harrison invests his time and effort on a small number that he feels need the touch of an experienced professional. You may think your case is a lost situation, but attorney Harrison welcomes the most difficult legal challenges.

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Staying on the Cutting Edge of the Legal Profession

Complex cases are tackled with knowledge and skills

Attorney Harrison’s legal knowledge sets him apart from others in his profession. He gained a significant amount of legal skill as a clerk for Hon. James O. Browning, U.S. District Judge for the District of New Mexico. Since then, he has targeted factually voluminous cases with complex scientific issues. When he approaches a case, he carefully evaluates intense evidence and lays out a foundation for the complex procedures that it will need to go through.

Welcoming a Challenge with Every Case

We represent people in cases that are anything but typical.

We are not a law firm that relies on form documents and outsourcing large portions of our substantive work to non-attorney staff. Attorney Carter Harrison and his colleagues are hands on in every aspect of their cases. This presents a challenge in taking on a large number of cases. Instead, Harrison & Hart, LLC take on only the cases that need direct lawyer attention.

Attorney Harrison represents clients from university professors to members of the U.S. Congress and even indigent criminal defendants. He enjoys competition presented in legal cases and welcomes those that require in-depth attentiveness.

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Working Alongside Clients to Achieve the Best Results

You’re not just an ally. You’re a partner.

When attorney Carter Harrison approaches a case, he first sits down with his client and walks through what happened. His goal is to reach an understanding on the decisions that need to be made and the path forward. He takes all of his client’s instincts, worries, and opinions into consideration. Once a solution is reached, attorney Harrison and his client are a unified front to the outside world – and especially against other parties.

It’s important to develop a relationship with clients where everyone works well together. This is likely the most difficult time of the client’s life, and everyone needs to be confident in the attorney-client relationship.

“Nothing we do is routine. We use the best technology and hire the most seasoned experts to tackle cases that need specialized attention.”

– Carter Harrison

Attorney Carter Harrison – Ready for a Challenge

Whether he is spending his free time with his family or giving additional time to the legal profession on the boards he serves, attorney Carter Harrison welcomes a challenge. He loves the law and thoroughly enjoys practicing as a lawyer. This is the basis of his dedication to clients.

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The Right Firm For Your Case

We’re ready to help you get your life back on track.

From our office in Albuquerque, Harrison & Hart, LLC serves clients throughout New Mexico. We are focused on getting you the best outcome possible in the harshest of situations.

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