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When you’re facing federal charges, you’re looking at more than a few months in jail. The team at Harrison & Hart, LLC knows how to take on federal prosecutors. We aren’t afraid to stand up and protect your rights.


Why You Should Call Harrison & Hart, LLC

Our federal criminal defense attorneys find solutions to the problems that no one else can handle.

You need a proactive federal defense law firm that will listen to your problems and find solutions. Our ability to negotiate with federal prosecutors allows us to help you avoid the harshest consequences of a conviction.

Protecting Your Reputation

Federal charges are often publicized. The media quickly picks up on big drug cases, child pornography charges, and similar legal issues. They sensationalize the case to stun their audience. We know you don’t want your friends and family to learn about your situation like that. Harrison & Hart, LLC will do whatever possible to protect your reputation.

We will fight to keep the media from reporting on your case. The details of your case should be kept confidential. If necessary, we will develop a statement to be released to the public.

Getting Out of Federal Jail

When you are arrested, you will be initially held in a federal jail. By working with a federal criminal defense lawyer, we will work to get you released.

Bail is complicated in the federal system. There are often no bail bondsmen, and conditions vary based upon the seriousness of the charges brought against you, your ties to the community, your criminal history, and your financial circumstances. Your attorney can file a motion to get you released, to adjust any conditions of release imposed by the court, or appeal any decision keeping you detained.

Making Statements to the Federal Investigators

Federal investigators are unrelenting. They will ask questions that are geared to prove you committed a crime. Even if you think you did nothing wrong, you might say something that will be twisted against you.

Never talk to federal investigators, police, or prosecutors without a federal criminal attorney present. Harrison & Hart, LLC will make sure you don’t say anything that incriminates yourself.

Results & Experience That Achieve Success

We dedicate our practice to achieving the best results for our clients, no matter the situation. We know how to negotiate with prosecutors and other attorneys to reach a resolution that will meet your needs.


Federal Drug Case

Our client had federal drug charges and faced incarceration in a federal prison. After significant pretrial work, and a week-long trial, we obtained an acquittal on all charges.

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Our Federal Defense Attorneys Will Relieve Your Stress

We’re ready to handle any challenge you’re facing.

Harrison & Hart, LLC has the ability to handle federal charges. We are not afraid to take on the most formidable legal system and prosecutors in the country. Our defense lawyers know how to guide you through a federal case and negotiate the best outcome possible in your situation.

You Will Work With a Legal Expert

When you call us, you will speak with a federal criminal defense lawyer that understands your charges. We know the law and can apply it to your case to get you a positive outcome. We frequently work with experts who can give an opinion on your case.

Your Story is Important

We won’t force a set of false facts on you just to achieve a beneficial result. We will listen to your story and determine what really happened. Then, we will develop a defense strategy based on your information.

When you make a statement or answer questions, you won’t have to lie. We will explore your intentions and understanding of the law to prove you aren’t guilty or don’t deserve the harshest consequences.

For example, if you are being charged with federal drug trafficking, we will work to get you substance abuse treatment and other alternative penalties to the federal sentencing guidelines. You might not have to do time in federal prison. Every case is different, and we will treat your situation with individualized respect.

Our Federal Defense Lawyers Don’ Turn Away the Tough Cases

Some firms bring in outside counsel for the tough cases, especially those going through federal court. Your federal defense attorney needs to have experience handling federal cases in the specific court where your case is being heard. It’s important to know the prosecutors, court personnel, magistrates, and judges when dealing with complex legal issues.

Our legal team doesn’t shy away from demanding cases. In fact, we relish them. We attack federal cases head on with our extensive knowledge of federal laws and procedures.

Some of the federal offenses we handle include:

"I would confidently take them into any legal battle I face."

"Harrison & Hart has represented me in four lawsuits, during which I have continued to be impressed by their intelligence, knowledge of the law and professional integrity. They are creative and shrewd, but honest and forthright. I would confidently take them into any legal battle I faced."

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Reducing Your Stress Throughout The Federal Criminal Process

We handle federal criminal cases with tact and prowess.

The stakes are high when you’re facing federal criminal charges. You probably have a lot of questions about what you should do. Will you have to go to court? Will you sit in prison waiting on a trial? Will the judge throw the book at you? We can’t automatically make everything go away, but we can handle the most stressful parts.

We Will Appear at Hearings for You

After you get out of custody, you probably won’t want to go back to the courthouse. Although you may have to appear if we ultimately go to trial, you don’t have to attend all of the hearings in between. You may not even have to come to our office. We will speak with you on the phone or via video call and get all of the information we need. Then, we will appear in court on your behalf. If you do have to speak with an investigator or appear at a hearing, we will prepare you in advance.

We Will Force the Prosecution To Prove Their Case

The law is actually on your side. The federal prosecutor has the burden to prove that you committed a crime beyond a reasonable doubt.

We will poke holes in the prosecutor’s case and force them to admit that they might be wrong. Once we do this, they will seek a plea deal. Sometimes it’s beneficial to accept a plea agreement, but if we feel strongly that the prosecution has nothing on their side, we will fight until they drop your case entirely.

Harrison & Hart, LLC – The Right New Mexico Law Firm for Your Federal Case

When you’re facing the worst, you need the best.

The federal court lawyers at Harrison & Hart, LLC have the skills and experience to take on the hardest of cases. We have dedicated our practice to the cases that other attorneys outsource. No matter what kind of federal criminal charges you are facing, we are here for it.

Call us today at (505) 295-3261 or use our online contact form to reach out.

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We’re ready to help you get your life back on track.

From our office in Albuquerque, Harrison & Hart, LLC serves clients throughout New Mexico. We are focused on getting you the best outcome possible in the harshest of situations.

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