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Sometimes people in power violate the civil rights of those they are supposed to protect. Police brutality is a known problem. Even people in police custody or in jail have a right to be treated fairly by officers. If someone you love has been harmed or their rights have been violated, Harrison & Hart, LLC can help.

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Criminal Appeals in New Mexico

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A conviction doesn’t always mean a case is over. You have a right to appeal a legal mistake. Our criminal appeal lawyers can take another look at your case. We handle post-conviction relief that may be able to get your sentence reduced or your case overturned.

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Employment Discrimination

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If your employer has discriminated against you based on your race, sex, age, or other protected class, you have a right to file a claim. However, employers often fight back hard. You need someone to represent you that has the resources to take them on.

Federal Criminal Defense in New Mexico

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Federal crimes like drug trafficking and racketeering often follow a legal process that can be confusing. Not every attorney handles these cases because they are so demanding. They require specialized knowledge and expertise. Harrison & Hart, LLC knows the laws and court procedures that will apply to your federal case.

Whether you are facing a federal drug crime or other allegations, we are the New Mexico lawyers for you.

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Government Torts

When you or someone you love suffers an injury or illness due to someone else’s negligence, you may be able to pursue a personal injury claim against them. However, when the liable party in your case is a government agency or official, your case may become more complicated.

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Personal Injury Cases

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We also take on complex personal injury cases that other attorneys can’t handle. Our attorneys have litigation and negotiation skills that benefit car and truck accident claims, premises liability cases, product liability cases, and other personal injury matters.

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Sex Crimes in Albuquerque, NM

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Courts come down hard on sex allegations. These cases are often publicized and your reputation, career, and entire life will be at risk. You need a firm like Harrison & Hart, LLC to jump in and start managing things in and out of the courtroom right away.

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Title IX Practice

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Title IX is a federal civil rights law that is often used as the basis of sex-based discrimination accusations. Your actions may have been completely misconstrued. It is our goal to find out what really happened and make sure your story is told.

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