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Daniel Gallegos


The trust placed in me by a client is a privilege. I strive to earn that privilege every day through discipline, character, and humility. – Daniel Gallegos

Doing what is right and just with an extensive legal toolkit.

As a young college student, Daniel Gallegos took on an insurance company that tried to take advantage of him. Through his legal battle, he saw firsthand just how vulnerable people can be when they do not have adequate representation. He was ultimately successful in his fight, and he got a great perspective on how powerful the law can be when your cause is right and just. Attorney Daniel Gallegos became a lawyer so he could help others work within the law to vindicate their rights and help them avoid being chewed up by the system.

Complex Cases are No Match for Daniel Gallegos

Using broad and diverse knowledge to take on the toughest cases.

The more difficult cases require a lawyer to draw on their full range of education and experience. Utilizing his education from Notre Dame Law School, his experience as a military JAG attorney – often practicing law in arduous conditions – and as a Naval officer, and his experience as a state prosecutor, attorney Gallegos has an extensive toolkit that he can bring to bear in even the most complex cases.

Not only does Daniel Gallegos practice law as an attorney, but he also interpreted the law and made final decisions on cases as a District Court Judge in Albuquerque and as a Judge on the New Mexico Court of Appeals. He knows the intimate details of how courtrooms work, and he isn’t afraid to take a case to trial.

Every Case Gets His Full Attention

Knowing a case inside and out, both factually and legally.

Attorney Daniel Gallegos takes time to sit down with every client. He gathers as much information as possible and puts a complete story together before he develops a solid strategy to attack a case. Clients can count on him to be fully prepared and completely attentive to detail.

When you call to get an update on your case, you won’t talk to office staff. You can speak directly with attorney Gallegos. He will return your calls and emails quickly, giving you the details you need to feel confident that he is the right lawyer for you.

His clients can expect loyalty beyond reproach. With that as the bedrock, his clients know that he is on their side, which allows for frank discussions about every aspect of cases. He endeavors to give every client the benefit of his experience and his unique insight into the prosecutorial and judicial mindsets, which often set the stage for common sense-driven conversations and “straight talk” throughout the case.

Attorney Daniel Gallegos – Continuous Service to Clients and Country

Attorney Gallegos continues to serve his country in the U.S. Navy Reserve JAG Corps. He is a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy, currently assigned to the U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) reserve unit.

In his free time, he enjoys running and working out. He also reads biographies, history, and leadership development books.

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