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When an employer, police force, or government body violates your civil rights, you can choose to stand up and fight back. Harrison & Hart, LLC knows how tough life has become for many in the U.S. But whatever your gender, race, or immigration status, you are entitled to your civil rights.


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At Harrison & Hart, LLC, we’ve watched in dismay as the U.S. becomes known around the world for police brutality, human rights violations, and xenophobia. We believe it’s possible to do our part to change that perception and make real, lasting change for individuals and families in New Mexico.

We take on cases involving all manner of civil rights violations and are proactive in finding solutions that work best for you. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to these matters.

Results & Experience That Achieve Success

We dedicate our practice to achieving the best results for our clients, no matter the situation. We know how to negotiate with prosecutors and other attorneys to reach a resolution that will meet your needs.

Confidential Settlement

For Fortune 500 Employees

Our employment attorneys worked with five clients to obtain a confidential settlement against a Fortune 500 company. The money they obtained will help them move forward with life.

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We Handle State and Federal Civil Rights Violations in New Mexico

We tackle cases involving violations of civil rights. Pursuing a remedy for those violations may lead us through an administrative process or to state or federal court. Whatever comes next, we’re here for you and your family.

We offer respect and compassion while we fight to make put things right.

Free Speech

The U.S. doesn’t grant an absolute right to free speech. There may be consequences to what someone says and does. But under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, the government cannot ban or limit a person’s right to speak freely or to report on the facts.

We represent individuals, journalists, local newspapers, and other media organizations dealing with First Amendment violations.

Police Brutality

Though police forces are meant to protect and serve, not all communities in the U.S. feel safer with a police presence. It’s clear that individual police officers take advantage of their power and violate the law by harming protestors and those in their custody.

Our police misconduct lawyers regularly represent the victims of law enforcement brutality. Officers and police departments are not all-powerful. It is challenging to hold them responsible, but it is possible.

Prison Abuse

Our civil rights lawyers handle cases involving inmates’ civil rights violations. Individuals in local jails, state prisons, and federal prisons have rights despite their confinement.

Are you or a loved one facing violence during incarceration? Are you or your loved one not receiving appropriate food, clothing, bedding, or medical care?

Everyone confined to a jail or prison has the right to their health and safety. Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding assault, excessive force, sexual abuse, withheld medical care, negligent supervision, and other civil rights violations.

Employment Violations

We are passionate employment and labor attorneys who represent individual workers and unions. Call us if you’ve experienced wrongful discharge, workplace discrimination, unpaid wages, or whistleblower retaliation.

"I would confidently take them into any legal battle I face."

"Harrison & Hart has represented me in four lawsuits, during which I have continued to be impressed by their intelligence, knowledge of the law and professional integrity. They are creative and shrewd, but honest and forthright. I would confidently take them into any legal battle I faced."

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We Will Guide You Through the Albuquerque Claims Process

When you reach out to us about a possible civil rights violation, our first step is getting to know you. We want to know about you, your family, and your work. We want to know about what led up to the situation and the injury in question. We believe it’s essential to get the full picture to determine the best way to move forward. All the details matter.

Based on your circumstances, we’ll explain New Mexico or federal law and whether another party’s actions violated the law. If we find evidence of a civil rights violation, we’ll go over your options. We won’t always recommend jumping into a lawsuit. Depending on what happened and who’s involved, we may need to go through an administrative process first.

But make no mistake, if filing a lawsuit is in your best interests, that’s what we’ll recommend. We are experienced trial lawyers and aren’t afraid to go up against a police department or government agency. We take on the tough cases other firms avoid.

We Protect You and Your Privacy

Bringing a civil rights claim is challenging on many fronts. One of which is your name may go public, and others will have opinions about your claims. Social media brings everyone out of the woodwork.

We take steps to protect you, your family, and your privacy during your case. Want to keep you safe and limit the distress you feel throughout this process.

Harrison & Hart, LLC is the Right Team to Fight Civil Rights Violations

If an authority figure violated your or a loved one’s civil rights, call Harrison & Hart, LLC right away. Our New Mexico civil rights lawyers will explore your situation and figure out what to do next.

Contact us online or call (505) 295-3261 to schedule your initial consultation.

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From our office in Albuquerque, Harrison & Hart, LLC serves clients throughout New Mexico. We are focused on getting you the best outcome possible in the harshest of situations.

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