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If you or a loved one have been wrongfully convicted or given an extremely harsh sentence, talk with us right away. At Harrison & Hart, LLC, our criminal appeals lawyers will review your trial record. We’ll advise you on whether you have a good reason to appeal and aren’t afraid to fight.


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The criminal justice system allows parties to appeal final decisions by a judge or jury. But only in certain circumstances. You have to prove a legal mistake, juror misconduct, or an ineffective lawyer led to the wrong outcome in your case.

You can’t appeal simply because you disagree with the outcome. You need valid grounds, and you need to find them immediately.

Call us right away. Our criminal appeals lawyers need time to gather your trial record, scrutinize every detail, and determine if there’s evidence of one or more legal errors.

You Face Immediate Appeal Deadlines

State and federal courts require you to file in your intent to appeal quickly. If you want to appeal a magistrate or municipal court conviction, you must file a Notice of Appeal with the district court within 15 days. If you were convicted in federal court, you have a 30-day deadline to file a Notice of Appeal.

At Harrison & Hart, LLC, we do everything in our power to make this deadline and uphold your right to a criminal appeal.

Results & Experience That Achieve Success

We dedicate our practice to achieving the best results for our clients, no matter the situation. We know how to negotiate with prosecutors and other attorneys to reach a resolution that will meet your needs.

74 Year Sentence – Vacated

Post-Conviction Relief

Harrison & Hart, LLC represents Deborah Green, who was convicted of kidnapping and child sex offenses. She was initially sentenced to 74 years in prison. Harrison & Hart, LLC filed post-trial motions, conducted an independent investigation, and represented Ms. Green at a lengthy evidentiary hearing, which got her convictions vacated because of Brady violations and the government’s suppression of exculpatory evidence. The court granted a new trial. Our attorneys continued to represent Ms. Green following the post-conviction proceedings, and successfully obtained a dismissal of these charges. Read More

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Understanding Criminal Appeals in New Mexico

Appealing your conviction or sentence doesn’t give you a new trial. The appellate court only reviews what happened during the trial.

During the appeal, we submit a written brief alleging what we believe went wrong. The appellate court reviews the trial record and decides if they agree with our brief or not.

What You Can Appeal in Criminal Court

You can appeal a conviction or a criminal sentence. You also can appeal any final judgment the court made against you.

If you wish to appeal something before a conviction, that’s called an interlocutory appeal. You can petition the appellate court to review a lower court decision, and it may or may not grant your request.

If you believe a judge has made a mistake during your trial, whether it’s your conviction or a previous decision, talk with a criminal appeals lawyer immediately.

You don’t have to rely on the same lawyer who defended you at trial. In fact, many defense attorneys don’t work on appeals. You’re better off reaching out to an attorney who regularly handles the appeal process.

At Harrison & Hart, we routinely work on criminal appeals and are experienced in spotting serious legal mistakes. We know what we’re looking for when we review your trial records.

Common Grounds for an Appeal in Albuquerque

We may allege one or more legal mistakes happened during your trial. Common errors include:

  • Procedural errors
  • Evidentiary errors
  • Incorrect application of legal principles
  • Juror misconduct
  • Ineffective assistance of counsel
  • Insufficient evidence to support a conviction
  • New evidence

There are many possible legal errors, but it takes an experienced and thoughtful eye to spot them. We have that experience. But better yet, we care. As we review your trial record, we know your freedom is at stake.

The New Mexico Criminal Appeal Process

A quick overview of the criminal appeal process includes:

  • Filing your Notice of Appeal
  • Submitting a written brief explaining the legal mistakes that occurred at trial
  • Presenting an oral argument, in some cases
  • Awaiting the appellate court’s decision

This looks simpler than it is. A criminal appeal is a tough process. It requires thorough preparation by an experienced lawyer who can spot mistakes and present a convincing argument to the appellate court.

The New Mexico appeals court is also full of cases. It may take months for the court to review your case. It’s essential that you talk with a criminal appeals lawyer about what to expect and your options for relief from a wrongful conviction or sentence.

Possible Outcomes of an Appeal

An appeal can result in several outcomes:

  • Affirm
  • Reverse
  • Remand

The higher court might affirm (agree with) the lower court’s decision, or it may disagree and reverse the decision. A reversal isn’t necessarily the end of the line. Appellate courts often reverse and remand, which means sending the case back to the trial court. You may go through a new trial or a new sentencing hearing.

When you appeal, you may allege more than one legal mistake. The appellate court reviews each allegation, which means it may affirm or reverse each one.

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