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Acquittal in Stalking Case

Criminal Defense

Our client was charged with stalking and violation of a restraining order. Harrison & Hart, LLC attorney Carter B. Harrison IV obtained an acquittal for our client at trial.

Battery on a Peace Officer – Client Acquitted

Criminal Defense

Our client was charged with two counts of battery on a peace officer during the arrest of his son. After work on the case by our experienced battery attorneys, Harrison & Hart, LLC got an acquittal for our client.

Child Abuse Acquittal

Criminal Defense

Our client received child-abuse related charges. After an independent investigation and pretrial motions by Harrison & Hart, LLC, our client was acquitted.

Federal DWIs Dismissed

Criminal Defense

Our client was charged with two federal DWIs. Our lawyers challenged the Court’s jurisdiction, filing extensive motions that demonstrated that the area where our client was arrested was not federal property. The case was dismissed in its entirety.

Acquitted in Federal Sex Trafficking Case

Criminal Defense

Our client faced federal sex trafficking charges, which would result in significant time in federal prison. Our attorneys were able to get the client acquitted of all charges.

Acquitted in Federal Drug Case

Criminal Defense

Our client had federal drug charges and faced incarceration in a federal prison. After significant pretrial work, and a week-long trial, we obtained an acquittal on all charges.

Drug-Related Charges Dismissed After Pretrial Motions

Criminal Defense

Client was charged with smuggling contraband into a prison and conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance. Harrison & Hart, LLC filed pretrial motions which resulted in the dismissal of all charges.

Bank Fraud Case Dismissed

Criminal Defense

Our client was charged with bank fraud. However, after negotiating with the prosecution, we obtained pretrial diversion for the client, which resulted in no convictions and the case being dismissed.

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