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Aggravated Battery Charges Dismissed

Criminal Defense

Our client was facing aggravated battery charges, which are misdemeanor or third-degree felony charges in New Mexico. After a thorough pretrial investigation by our attorneys, all charges were dismissed.

Corrections Officer Found Innocent

Criminal Defense

A corrections officer was charged with assisting in the escape of a capital offender, a first-degree felony in New Mexico, which if convicted would have resulted in an 18-year sentence. The charges against the corrections officer were dismissed following pretrial interviews which demonstrated the client’s innocence.

Murder Charges Dismissed

Criminal Defense

Our client was charged with murder, child abuse resulting in death, and several other counts. Attorney Nicholas Hart was part of a trial team where he worked with the expert witnesses and managed the motions practice for the defense. That work led to several counts being dismissed immediately prior to trial, the withdrawal of government expert witnesses, and then a favorable plea for the client during jury selection.

Multiple Felony Charges Dismissed

Criminal Defense

Our client was charged with multiple counts of attempt to commit first degree murder, kidnapping, armed robbery, tampering with evidence, and unlawful taking of a motor vehicle. The client was initially detained pending trial.

We aggressively investigated the case and filed pretrial motions that resulted in the client being released from custody. Based upon our investigation, we were able to prove the innocence of the client demonstrating to the State that our client was trying to stop the fight that resulted in the initial charges. The case was dismissed and our client was released.

Murder & Robbery Charges Dismissed Twice

Criminal Defense

Our client was charged with two counts of first degree murder, conspiracy to commit first degree murder, and robbery. The prosecution wanted to detain our client pending trial, alleging they presented a danger to society.

We successfully got that motion rejected, and engaged in an aggressive motions practice, eventually getting the entire case dismissed. The prosecution tried to charge our client again, this time with armed robbery and conspiracy. But following additional motions, those charges were also dismissed. Our client was never recharged.

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