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Drug-Related Charges Dismissed After Pretrial Motions

Criminal Defense

Client was charged with smuggling contraband into a prison and conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance. Harrison & Hart, LLC filed pretrial motions which resulted in the dismissal of all charges.

Bank Fraud Case Dismissed

Criminal Defense

Our client was charged with bank fraud. However, after negotiating with the prosecution, we obtained pretrial diversion for the client, which resulted in no convictions and the case being dismissed.

Aggravated Battery Charges Dismissed

Criminal Defense

Our client was facing aggravated battery charges, which are misdemeanor or third-degree felony charges in New Mexico. After a thorough pretrial investigation by our attorneys, all charges were dismissed.

Corrections Officer Found Innocent

Criminal Defense

A corrections officer was charged with assisting in the escape of a capital offender, a first-degree felony in New Mexico, which if convicted would have resulted in an 18-year sentence. The charges against the corrections officer were dismissed following pretrial interviews which demonstrated the client’s innocence.

Settlement for 5 Fortune 500 Employees


Our employment attorneys worked with five clients to obtain a confidential settlement against a Fortune 500 company. The money they obtained will help them move forward with life.

Wrongful Death Settlement after a Trucking Accident


Our truck accident attorneys worked with a family who lost a loved one in a horrific crash. We reached a significant confidential wrongful death settlement for our clients.

Federal Drug Conviction – Early Release


Our client, Richard Gamboa, was convicted of federal drug offenses that came with a 10-year mandatory minimum sentence. Once incarcerated, Mr. Gamboa began suffering from serious medical conditions. Harrison & Hart, LLC attorney Nicholas T. Hart, along with co-counsel, filed a motion for compassionate release requesting that his sentence be reduced to time served. The motion was granted. He is now home with his family.

74 Year Prison Sentence – Vacated


Harrison & Hart, LLC represents Deborah Green, who was convicted of kidnapping and child sex offenses. She was initially sentenced to 74 years in prison. Harrison & Hart, LLC filed post-trial motions, conducted an independent investigation, and represented Ms. Green at a lengthy evidentiary hearing, which got her convictions vacated because of Brady violations and the government’s suppression of exculpatory evidence. The court granted a new trial. Our attorneys continued to represent Ms. Green following the post-conviction proceedings, and successfully obtained a dismissal of these charges.

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